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I’m a software engineer in San Francisco, broadly interested in cross-disciplinary applications of statistics, machine learning, and physical modeling to real-world problems.

From 2014 to 2017, I worked for Swift Navigation, a GPS hardware startup in aiming to make low cost, high accuracy positioning hardware ubiquitous and easy to use. In 2014, Swift kicked-off a frenzy around low-cost RTK GPS, and was probably the first (only?) to commercialize a software-defined GPS receiver. While there, I worked on software libraries, clients/services for streaming GPS augmentation data, observability (of all kinds), and hiring much of the initial technical team.

From 2013 to 2014, I wrote Clojure for a small scientific software engineering team building agricultural yield models at the Climate Corporation. Until about 2016, I organized the SF Clojure Meetup and served on the board of Clojurebridge, which organizes functional programming programming workshops for under-indexed groups in the software industry.

My focus before 2012 was in applied physics. I received SBs (Physics, 2009; EECS, 2011) and an MEng (EECS, 2011) from MIT. I designed algorithms and software for research groups at Apple and Raytheon BBN Technologies, and in the intervening years, designed protocols and optical devices for quantum communication at the MIT Research Lab for Electronics.

About this site

This is a self-hosted static webpage on Github Pages: you can read about the details here. The layout itself is based entirely on Tom Preston-Warner’s homepage.